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WA GB new version

Update WA GB V9.97 to New Version (by Fouad Mods) | Enhanced Anti-ban 2024

WA Mod


Latest updated: 1 Day ago | Size: 69 MB | Official Website: wagb.download

The new version of WA GB V9.97, released by Fouad Mods, focuses on enhancing anti-ban measures to further protect user data security. This update rejuvenates WA GB, bringing about significant improvements. Read on to discover the specific changes introduced by WA GB V9.97:

WA GB Download 9-97

Added more Anti-ban protection:

On one hand, many users have been hesitant to use WA GB due to concerns about the potential risk of their accounts being banned. This hesitation has led them to miss out on many exclusive features offered by the application. On the other hand, existing WA GB users do not want to face the risk of an account ban while using the application. To address these concerns, Fouad Mods has chosen to add anti-ban protection. Now, users can confidently enjoy all the positive experiences that WA GB latest version offers without worrying about being banned!

Fix issue of 1-hour ban for some users:

For users experiencing the issue of a 1-hour ban, updating WA GB to version 9.97 and re-verifying SMS can help lift the ban. Here are the specific steps to follow:

  1. Copy your WA GB data storage folder to a secure location to prevent data loss.
  2. Uninstall the existing WA GB old version and completely clear data.
  3. Download and install WA GB V9.97.
  4. Follow the prompts to log in normally and verify through SMS.
  5. Complete the process.

These are all the updates introduced in the WA GB latest version, making it more stable and secure. Update WA GB now to experience the perfect world of upgraded instant messaging beyond the original WhatsApp.

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WA GB V9.95 Latest Version Download (by FouadMods): Unlimited View Once Media – Jan. 2024[EN]

WA Mod


Latest updated: 1 Day ago | Size: 69 MB | Official Website: wagb.download

Happy New Year 2024! On the occasion of the New Year, Fouad Mods has launched the new WA GB V9.95 to help you start the year 2024 perfectly! In WA GB V9.95, you can find brand new changes brought by Fouad Mods. When you use WA GB V9.95, your privacy has been strengthened and other contacts will no longer see your code with the blue double tick hidden. But at the same time, you can view unlimited one-time view media sent by your contacts! Protect your privacy while having more power over other features. Plus, you can add profile pictures to groups again – big breakthrough, isn’t it? Here is the comprehensive WA GB V9.95 update information for you:

WA GB V9.95 Download

What is new in WA GB V9.95?

  • The WA GB latest update includes the following changes:
    • Added the ability to show profile pictures again in groups.
    • Updated the code to hide blue ticks.
    • Improved the feature to allow unlimited views for View Once media.
    • Fixed the issue of blue ticks appearing randomly when privacy is enabled.
    • Resolved the problem of deleted View Once media.
    • Made miscellaneous changes, including the removal of “audio” from custom downloads due to conflicts with voice notes and general bug fixes.

It’s fair to say that WA GB 2024 sees a pretty perfect start. This WA GB Update doesn’t just want to enhance the user experience or fix some of the issues that existed in the old version, but more importantly, exclusive features have been added to satisfy the freshness of the users and to ensure the privacy and security of the users once again. With the start of the year 2024, download the latest version of WA GB to bring some changes in your life!

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WA GB V9.93 New Version Download (by Fouad Mods): Advanced Enhancements – Updated in Nov. 2023


WA GB Official

(GB WhatsApp)

Official Site: wagb.download

Click here for more info about WA GB

A few days ago, the highly anticipated FouadMods team announced that WA GB has once again received a brand new update – WA GB V9.93! This WA GB update is based on the original WA version It keeps up with the changing trends in technology and provides you with all the great features that the original WA had as much as possible. Also, this update adds exclusive features that will further enhance your app experience. Follow this article to take a quick look at this WA GB V9.93 changelog and keep exploring the surprises and conveniences about the WA GB update!

WA GB Dowload V9.93

WA GB V9.93 changelog

  • Reintroduced Option for Night/Light Icon on Home:
    • Now customize your Home screen with the night/light icon feature.
  • Improved Hide View Status Functionality:
    • Resolved issues related to hiding view status on certain devices.
  • Enhanced Audio Recording with Rounded Entry:
    • Fixed audio recording concerns with a more streamlined rounded entry.
  • Resolved Swipe Row Features Glitch:
    • Enjoy a smoother experience with the fix for non-functional swipe row features.
  • Optimized UI to Eliminate Space When Scrolling:
    • Improved user interface by eliminating unnecessary space during scrolling.
  • Fixed Call Search Functionality:
    • Search through your calls effortlessly with the resolved search issue.
  • Rectified Bubble Bottom Bar Random Crashes:
    • No more unexpected crashes with the fix for random bubble bottom bar crashes.
  • Addressed Anti-View Once Issues:
    • Ensure privacy with the resolution of issues related to the anti-view once feature.
  • Resolved Storage Concerns on Android 14:
    • Fixed storage issues specific to Android 14 for a seamless experience.
  • Fixed Backup/Restore Issues on Android 13+:
    • Ensure a smooth backup and restore process on Android 13 and above.
  • Stability Improvements for Android 14 Theme Download:
    • Fixed the theme download issue on Android 14 for enhanced stability.
  • Enhanced Backup/Restore Compatibility on Android 14+:
    • Addressed backup and restore issues on Android 14 and above for a reliable process.
  • Eliminated Crashes on Older Devices:
    • Experience stability on older devices with the resolution of crash concerns.
  • Optimized iOS14 Entry Style:
    • Improved entry style for a seamless experience on iOS14 devices.
  • Stability in Calls History:
    • Resolved crashes in the calls history section on certain devices.
  • Prioritized Ghost Mode over Custom Privacy:
    • Ghost Mode now takes precedence, ensuring enhanced privacy settings.
  • Miscellaneous General Bug Fixes:
    • Several general bug fixes to provide an overall smoother and optimized user experience.

WA GB V9.93 is a free and ad-free chat platform, designed to offer maximum convenience for a seamless, fast and secure messaging experience. Why wait for the future when you can click the button here to download WA GB V9.93 and enjoy the cutting-edge WA Mods experience now?

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WA GB V9.90 Download: Great Update!


WA GB Official

(GB WhatsApp)

Official Site: wagb.download

Click here for more info about WA GB

Official Announcement: WA GB V9.90 is now available! In this latest update of WA GB, our development team has not only maintained the stability of WA GB and fixed past issues but also introduced numerous exciting new features. This explains why WA GB shines so brightly and captivates countless users. Now, let’s explore together what changes WA GB V9.90 has brought!

WA GB Download

Key Update: Ghost Mode

Previously, Ghost Mode did not exist in WhatsApp or its mods. However, by updating to WA GB V9.90, you can now enjoy this feature. With Ghost Mode activated, nobody can see your activities. Your last seen is frozen, others will think you haven’t received messages, opened messages won’t show blue ticks, and you can secretly view statuses.

In short, with Ghost Mode, you no longer need to adjust your privacy settings step by step. Now, you can simply enable Ghost Mode with one click, ensuring that your WhatsApp activity goes unnoticed by any contacts.

In addition to this exclusive feature, you may also be interested in the following update logs for WA GB V9.90:

New Features:

  • Added custom media download control for each chat
  • Added old WhatsApp UI style (GBMods > Home > Header > Home UI Style)
  • Added view message edit history (after installing V9.90)
  • Added: Strengthening anti-ban improvements

Enabled Features:

  • Enabled multiple accounts on the same device
  • Enabled adjusting group permissions
  • Enabled new Settings UI
  • Enabled creating a profile with @username, waiting for server activation
  • Enabled adding an email address to your account (Settings > Account)
  • Enabled an option to approve new group members before joining
  • Enabled media preview feature
  • Enabled returning to the original tab order
  • Moved light/dark mode options to GBMods > GBThemes

Fixed Issues:

  • Fixed custom privacy issues for business chats
  • Fixed unclear display of date bubbles while scrolling
  • Fixed color of screen share button during calls
  • Fixed partial text display issue on white theme during calls
  • General bug fixes

It must be said that with careful improvements, WA GB V9.90 brings a series of significant updates. These changes mark a new milestone for WA GB. In addition to these delightful features, there are more surprises waiting for you to discover! Download WA GB V9.90 now and immerse yourself in this exploration, experiencing more user-friendly technology.

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Download WA GB V9.82: All-in-One Solution


WA GB Official

(GB WhatsApp)

Official site: wagb.download

Click here for more info about WA GB

WA GB V9.82 is more like a gentle, silent drizzle, making subtle improvements in functionality rather than introducing drastic changes. It meticulously addresses issues found in older versions of WA GB, delivering a smoother, safer, and feature-rich chat experience. However, you definitely wouldn’t want to miss WA GB V9.82:

WA GB V9.82 Download
  • Fixed: Random crash in some chats/groups
    • Some users may have encountered an unfortunate situation: group chats suddenly crashing, forcing you to exit the app. Some may have even lost their chat records. But WA GB V9.82 brings hope to these users. Simply download and install WA GB V9.82, and this problem is effectively resolved.
  • Fixed: Crash when opening Story
    • Causing the app to lag when trying to post a WA GB Story can be quite frustrating, right? That’s why WhatsApp V9.82 has been released to address this issue. Users no longer have to worry about lag when posting or viewing WA GB Stories.

In addition to these two improvements mentioned above, WA GB V9.82 also fixes various minor issues. While this may be a small step forward for WA GB, it’s a significant leap in terms of user experience. Whether it’s improved performance, enhanced privacy protection, or more customization options, WA GB V9.82 brings users a new high-level communication experience, injecting freshness and convenience into your chat life.

WA GB V9.81 Download: Get to Know the Newest Features


WA GB Official

(GB WhatsApp)

Official site: wagb.download

Click here for more info about WA GB

WA GB V9.81 – At the beginning of the month, WA GB officially announced the release of WA GB V9.81. For enthusiastic users who wish to stay updated and not miss out on the exciting new features that come with WA GB V9.81, this article will provide you with the treasure trove you’re looking for. Within this article, you will gain in-depth insights into the notable changes and enhancements brought by WA GB V9.81.

Download WA GB V9.81

Follow WA GB Latest Version Performance and Problem Solving

This update primarily focuses on maintaining the lightning-fast performance of WA GB and addressing some previously existing issues. It can be categorized into three main parts:

Fixes for Android 13+ Devices:

  1. Addressed storage permission issues on Android 13+.
  2. Resolved problems related to backup restoration on Android 13+
  3. Fixed emoji pack downloads on Android 13+

Fixes for User-Reported Issues:

  1. Solved message forwarding crashes reported by some users.
  2. Fixed status privacy crashes that affected specific users.

Refinements for WA GB Features:

  1. Corrected the issue with the WA Navigation unread badge not changing colors.
  2. Resolved problems related to time options.
  3. Fixed occasional video note message download icon disappearance.
  4. Enhanced spacing between quoted messages in conversation threads.

Why Update to WA GB V9.81?

All the aforementioned issues have been successfully addressed in WA GB V9.81. Additionally, WA GB V9.81 has fixed other errors and made improvements. This is why we consistently urge users to update to WA GB latest version. It not only resolves issues from previous versions but also provides a smoother internet chatting experience. Furthermore, you can continue to follow this website, which offers downloads of the latest WA GB APK versions, and you’ll always stay informed about the latest news related to WA GB!

تحميل WA GB V9.80: ما الجديد والمحسن


رسمي WA GB

(GB WhatsApp)

الموقع الرسمي: wagb.download

انقر هنا لمزيد من المعلومات حول WA GB

في الأمس، أطلق فريق FouadMods أخيرًا تحديث WA GB V9.80 المنتظر بشدة. هذا الإصدار كان كالنجم الصاعد في الليل، ينبعث بضوء مبهر. ينقسم تحديث WA GB V9.80 إلى ثلاثة أقسام رئيسية: الميزات الحصرية، والميزات المُمكّنة، والميزات المُصلحة. في هذا المقال، سنقدم لكم نظرة عامة مفصلة على التغييرات التي جلبها هذا الإصدار، مع التركيز بشكل خاص على الميزات الحصرية.

الميزات الحصرية:

  • إضافة “وضع كمقروء” داخل محادثة واتساب عند تمكين إخفاء علامة الصح الزرقاء
    • وهذا يعني أن WA GB V9.80 يسمح لك بوضع علامات يدويًا على الرسائل كمقروءة داخل المحادثة، حتى إذا كنت قد اخترت إخفاء علامات الصح الزرقاء (إيصالات القراءة). يعرف المستخدمون الملمون بـ WA GB أنه عند تعطيل ميزة الصح الزرقاء، لن يروا جهات الاتصال متى قرأت رسائلهم. ومع ذلك، مع هذه الميزة الجديدة، يمكن للمستخدمين وضع علامات على الرسائل كمقروءة داخل المحادثة، على الرغم من أن العلامات الزرقاء ما تزال مخفية. هذه الوظيفة مريحة للغاية، سواء في سياق العمل أو الحياة اليومية، حيث تلعب دورًا مهمًا.
  • تثبيت الرسائل لمدة 24 ساعة، 7 أيام، أو 30 يومًا
    • مع تحديث WA GB V9.80، تحصل على القدرة السحرية على التحكم في مدة تثبيت الرسائل. في الإصدارات السابقة من WA Mods أو واتساب الأصلي، كانت الرسائل المثبتة تظل ثابتة حتى يتم إزالتها يدويًا أو استبدالها برسائل أخرى. ومع WA GB V9.80، يمكنك اختيار تثبيت الرسائل لمدة 24 ساعة، 7 أيام، أو 30 يومًا. بمجرد انقضاء الوقت المحدد، سيتم إزالة الحالة المثبتة تلقائيًا. بالنسبة للمستخدمين الذين انتظروا هذه الميزة لفترة طويلة، سيكون يوم تحديث WA GB V9.80 يوم احتفالكم!

أفكار ختامية:

بالإضافة إلى هذه الميزات، هناك ميزات أخرى تم تمكينها وإصلاحها، سنقوم بسرد ما تم فيها في نهاية المقال لمرجعيتكم وفهمكم. المزايا التي جلبها هذا التحديث كبيرة، فهو لا يقدم فقط ميزات أصلية بل يحل أيضًا العديد من المشاكل الموجودة في الإصدارات السابقة. والأهم من ذلك، لا داعي للقلق بشأن تحميل تحديث WA GB V9.80. ما عليك سوى زيارة موقعنا على الويب، وبإمكانك الانغماس في عالم WA GB المتجدد وتحميل تحديث WA GB V9.80 بأمان!

تغييرات WA GB V9.80:

  • الميزات الحصرية:
    “وضع كمقروء” تمت إضافته داخل محادثة واتساب عند تمكين إخفاء الصح الزرقاء
    تثبيت الرسائل لمدة 24 ساعة، 7 أيام، أو 30 يومًا
  • الميزات الممكّنة:
    إرسال رسائل فيديو سريعة (اضغط مرة واحدة على أيقونة الميكروفون)
    واجهة مستخدم جديدة لشريط التنقل
    إرسال وسائط عالية الجودة
    مشاركة الحالة على فيسبوك (علامة الحالة > خصوصية الحالة)
    خيار جديد لحفظ رسائل الفيديو
    خيار جديد لإخفاء مؤشر تشغيل ملاحظات الصوت/الفيديو
    رمز بجوار “تم التحرير” لجذب انتباه المستخدم
  • الميزات المصلحة:
    خطأ في شريط الاتصال على الشاشة الرئيسية
    خطأ في شريط ملاحظات الصوت في واجهة المستخدم الفردية
    تغيير لون الجميع إلى مدير في المجموعات
    ظهور المحادثات المخفية في اختصار أيقونة التطبيق
    البحث في علامة التبويب الجماعية
    نسخ احتياطي محلي يومي
    تعطل أثناء عمليات الدفع عبر الإنترنت

WA GB V9.80 İndir: Yenilikler Nelerdir ve Ne İyileştirildi?


Resmi WA GB

(GB WhatsApp)

Resmi site: wagb.download

WA GB hakkında daha fazla bilgi için burayı tıklayın.

Dün, FouadMods ekibi sonunda uzun zamandır beklenen WA GB V9.80‘i başlattı. Bu sürüm, gece yükselen bir yıldız gibi, büyüleyici bir ışık yayar. WA GB V9.80 güncellemesi üç ana bölüme ayrılmıştır: Özel Özellikler, Etkin Özellikler ve Düzeltme Özellikleri. Bu makalede, bu sürümle getirilen değişikliklerin ayrıntılı bir genel bakışını sunacağız, özellikle de Özel Özellikler üzerinde vurgu yapacağız.

Özel Özellikler:

  • Mavi Tik Gizliyken WhatsApp Sohbet İçinde “Okundu” Olarak İşaretle
    • Bu, WA GB V9.80’in sohbet içindeki mesajları manuel olarak “okundu” olarak işaretleme olanağı sunar; hatta mavi tikleri (okundu bildirimleri) gizlemeyi seçtiyseniz bile. WA GB’yi kullanan kullanıcılar, mavi tik özelliğini devre dışı bıraktığınızda, kişilerinizin mesajlarınızı okuduğunuzu görmeyeceğini bilirler. Ancak, bu yeni özellikle kullanıcılar sohbet içinde mesajları manuel olarak “okundu” olarak işaretleyebilir, mavi tikler gizli kalsa bile. Bu işlevsellik, iş veya günlük yaşam bağlamında son derece pratik bir özellik olarak önemli bir rol oynar.
  • Mesajları 24 Saat, 7 Gün veya 30 Gün Boyunca Sabitleme
    • WA GB V9.80 güncellemesi ile mesajların ne kadar süre boyunca sabitleneceğini kontrol etme sihirli yeteneğini kazanırsınız. WA Mods veya orijinal WhatsApp’ın önceki sürümlerinde, sabitlenen mesajlar manuel olarak sabitlenmeden veya diğer mesajlarla değiştirilmeden kalırdı. Ancak, WA GB V9.80 ile mesajları 24 saat, 7 gün veya 30 gün boyunca sabitlemeyi seçebilirsiniz. Ayarlanan süre dolduğunda, sabitlenen durumu otomatik olarak kaldırılır. Bu özelliği uzun süredir bekleyen kullanıcılar için, WA GB V9.80’i güncelleme günü kutlama gününüz olacak!

Son Düşünceler

Bunların yanı sıra, bu güncelleme ile getirilen diğer etkin özellikler ve düzeltmeler de makalenin sonunda referans ve anlayışınız için listeleyeceğiz. Bu güncelleğin getirdiği avantajlar önemlidir, sadece orijinal özellikler sunmakla kalmaz, aynı zamanda önceki sürümlerde bulunan birçok sorunu da çözer. En önemlisi, WA GB V9.80 güncellemesini indirme konusunda endişelenmenize gerek yok. Sadece web sitemizi ziyaret edin ve WA GB’nin canlı dünyasına dalabilir, güvenli bir şekilde WA GB V9.80 güncellemesini indirebilirsiniz!

WA GB V9.80 Değişiklik Günlüğü:

  • Özel Özellikler:
    Mavi Tik Gizliyken WhatsApp Sohbet İçinde “Okundu” Olarak Eklendi
    24 Saat, 7 Gün veya 30 Gün Boyunca Mesaj Sabitleme
  • Etkin Özellikler:
    Hızlı Video Mesajları Gönder (Mikrofon Simgesine Bir Kere Dokun)
    Yeni Navigasyon Çubuğu Arayüzü
    Yüksek Kaliteli Medya Gönderimi
    Durumu Facebook’ta Paylaş (Durum Sekmesi > Durum Gizliliği)
    Video Mesajlar İçin Yeni Kaydet Seçeneği
    Sesli/Sesli Notları Oynat Gösterge Simgesini Gizleme Seçeneği Eklendi
    Düzenlenmiş İçin Yanındaki Simgeler Kullanıcı Dikkati İçin
  • Düzeltme Özellikleri:
    Ana Ekran Arama Banner Hatası
    Tek Kullanıcı Arayüzünde Sesli Not Banner Hatası
    Gruplarda Herkesi Yönetici Olarak Renkten Çıkarma
    Uygulama Simgesi Kısayolunda Gösterilen Gizli Sohbetler
    Grup Sekmesinde Arama
    Günlük Yerel Yedekleme
    Çevrimiçi Ödemeler Sırasında Çökme Hatası

Baixar WA GB V9.80: O que há de Novo e Melhorado


Oficial WA GB

(GB WhatsApp)

Site oficial: wagb.download

Clique aqui para mais informações sobre o WA GB.

Ontem, a equipe FouadMods finalmente lançou o altamente esperado WA GB V9.80. Esta versão é como uma estrela que surge na noite, emitindo uma luz deslumbrante. A atualização WA GB V9.80 está dividida em três seções principais: Funcionalidades Exclusivas, Funcionalidades Habilitadas e Funcionalidades Corrigidas. Neste artigo, forneceremos uma visão detalhada das mudanças trazidas por esta versão, com ênfase particular nas Funcionalidades Exclusivas.

Funcionalidades Exclusivas:

  • “Marcar como lido” Adicionado no Chat do WhatsApp quando a Ocultação do Tique Azul Está Ativada
    • Isso significa que o WA GB V9.80 permite que você marque manualmente as mensagens como lidas dentro de um chat, mesmo se você tiver escolhido ocultar os tiques azuis (recebimentos de leitura). Os usuários familiarizados com o WA GB sabem que, quando você desativa a função de tique azul, seus contatos não veem quando você leu suas mensagens. No entanto, com essa nova funcionalidade, os usuários podem marcar manualmente as mensagens como lidas dentro do chat, mesmo que os tiques azuis permaneçam ocultos. Essa funcionalidade é incrivelmente conveniente, seja em um contexto de trabalho ou na vida cotidiana, pois desempenha um papel importante.
  • Fixação de Mensagens por 24 Horas, 7 Dias ou 30 Dias
    • Com a atualização WA GB V9.80, você ganha a habilidade mágica de controlar a duração pela qual as mensagens estão fixadas. Nas versões anteriores do WA Mods ou WhatsApp original, as mensagens fixadas permaneceriam fixas até serem desfixadas manualmente ou substituídas por outras mensagens. No entanto, com o WA GB V9.80, você pode optar por fixar mensagens por 24 horas, 7 dias ou 30 dias. Uma vez que o tempo definido expire, o status fixado será automaticamente removido. Para os usuários que esperavam ansiosamente por essa funcionalidade, o dia de atualizar para o WA GB V9.80 será o seu dia de comemoração!

Considerações Finais

Além disso, existem outras funcionalidades habilitadas e correções, que listaremos no final do artigo para sua referência e compreensão. As vantagens trazidas por esta atualização são significativas, não apenas introduzindo funcionalidades originais, mas também resolvendo muitos problemas presentes em versões anteriores. O mais importante, não há necessidade de se preocupar em baixar a atualização WA GB V9.80. Basta visitar nosso site, e você pode mergulhar no vibrante mundo do WA GB e baixar com segurança a atualização WA GB V9.80!

Registro de Mudanças WA GB V9.80:

  • Funcionalidades Exclusivas:
    “Marcar como lido” Adicionado no Chat do WhatsApp quando a Ocultação do Tique Azul Está Ativada
    Fixação de Mensagens por 24 Horas, 7 Dias ou 30 Dias
  • Funcionalidades Habilitadas:
    Enviar Mensagens de Vídeo Rápido (Toque no Ícone de Microfone Uma Vez)
    Nova Interface de Barra de Navegação
    Enviar Mídias de Alta Qualidade
    Compartilhar Status no Facebook (Guia de Status > Privacidade do Status)
    Nova Opção de Salvar para Mensagens de Vídeo
    Opção Adicionada para Ocultar o Indicador de Reprodução de Notas de Voz/Vídeo
    Ícone Junto a “Editado” para Atenção do Usuário
  • Funcionalidades Corrigidas:
    Erro de Banner de Chamada na Tela Inicial
    Erro de Banner de Nota de Voz na Interface de Usuário Único
    Descoloração de Todos como Administrador em Grupos
    Chats Ocultos Mostrando no Atalho do Ícone do Aplicativo
    Busca na Guia de Grupos
    Backup Local Diário
    Falha Durante Pagamentos Online

Descargar WA GB V9.80: Novedades y Mejoras


Oficial WA GB

(GB WhatsApp)

Sitio oficial: wagb.download

Haga clic aquí para obtener más información sobre WA GB.

Ayer, el equipo de FouadMods finalmente lanzó el muy esperado WA GB V9.80. Esta versión es como una estrella que surge en la noche, emitiendo una luz deslumbrante. La actualización WA GB V9.80 se divide en tres secciones principales: Funciones Exclusivas, Funciones Habilitadas y Funciones Corregidas. En este artículo, le proporcionaremos una descripción detallada de los cambios que trae esta versión, con un énfasis particular en las Funciones Exclusivas.

Funciones Exclusivas:

  • “Marcar como leído” añadido en el Chat de WhatsApp cuando está habilitada la opción de Ocultar Marca Azul
    • Esto significa que WA GB V9.80 le permite marcar manualmente los mensajes como leídos dentro de un chat, incluso si ha elegido ocultar las marcas azules (confirmaciones de lectura). Los usuarios familiarizados con WA GB saben que cuando desactiva la función de marca azul, sus contactos no verán cuando ha leído sus mensajes. Sin embargo, con esta nueva función, los usuarios pueden marcar manualmente los mensajes como leídos dentro del chat, incluso si las marcas azules permanecen ocultas. Esta funcionalidad es increíblemente conveniente, ya sea en un contexto laboral o en la vida diaria, ya que desempeña un papel importante.
  • Fijación de Mensajes durante 24 horas, 7 días o 30 días
    • Con la actualización WA GB V9.80, adquiere la capacidad mágica de controlar la duración por la cual los mensajes están fijados. En versiones anteriores de WA Mods o WhatsApp original, los mensajes fijados permanecerían fijos hasta que se desfijaran manualmente o se reemplazaran con otros mensajes. Sin embargo, con WA GB V9.80, puede optar por fijar mensajes durante 24 horas, 7 días o 30 días. Una vez que el tiempo establecido expire, el estado de fijación se eliminará automáticamente. ¡Para los usuarios que han esperado mucho tiempo esta función, el día de la actualización a WA GB V9.80 será su día de celebración!

Conclusiones Finales

Además de esto, hay otras funciones habilitadas y correcciones, que enumeraremos al final del artículo para su referencia y comprensión. Las ventajas que trae esta actualización son significativas, no solo introduciendo funciones originales sino también resolviendo muchos problemas presentes en versiones anteriores. Lo más importante, no es necesario preocuparse por descargar la actualización WA GB V9.80. Simplemente visite nuestro sitio web, y podrá sumergirse en el vibrante mundo de WA GB y descargar de manera segura la actualización WA GB V9.80.

Registro de Cambios WA GB V9.80

  • Funciones Exclusivas:
    “Marcar como leído” añadido en el Chat de WhatsApp cuando está habilitada la opción de Ocultar Marca Azul
    Fijación de Mensajes durante 24 horas, 7 días o 30 días
  • Funciones Habilitadas:
    Enviar Mensajes de Video Rápidos (Toque el Ícono de Micrófono una Vez)
    Nueva Interfaz de Barra de Navegación
    Enviar Medios de Alta Calidad
    Compartir Estado en Facebook (Pestaña de Estado > Privacidad del Estado)
    Nueva Opción de Guardar para Mensajes de Video
    Opción Añadida para Ocultar el Indicador de Reproducción de Notas de Voz/Video
    Icono Junto a “Editado” para Llamar la Atención del Usuario
  • Funciones Corregidas:
    Error de Banner de Llamada en la Pantalla de Inicio
    Error de Banner de Nota de Voz en la Interfaz de Usuario Única
    Decoloración de Todos como Administrador en Grupos
    Mensajes Ocultos Mostrándose en el Acceso Directo de la Aplicación
    Búsqueda en la Pestaña de Grupo
    Copia de Seguridad Local Diaria
    Bloqueo Durante Pagos en Línea